The races of New Lore

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The races of New Lore

Post by Arcus on Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:05 pm

This topic will explain the nature of the races of New Lore, as well as their impact in its society and where they are in the world alliance.

The World Alliance: The joint alliance of all of the nations and their people. It basically acts as the UN on Earth. It is both the world court as well as the world's defense system. Anything that goes wrong in any part of New Lore is immediately brought to the attention of the World Alliance.

Drakels: The drakels were the first of the races to settle on New Lore. have since, shared their use of technology with the entire world and it is their duties to provide excellent armaments for the World Alliance military. They were responsible for the widespread use of domed cities and technologically integrated weaponry.

Humans: Humans were the second to settle on New Lore. The humans are the most advanced in leadership and court issues, therefore, the humans are the main part of the World Alliance, usually providing for the World Alliance's court decisions. The humans also provide soldiers for the World Alliance's military. Also, since settling on New Lore, they humans' ears have somehow grown small, but noticeable points.

Nigh-humans: The third race to settle on New Lore, were the nigh-humans, one of the three races descended from Xandros. The nigh-humans were responsible for the widespread everyday use of armor. Along with the drakels, they supply armaments to the World Alliance with the use of their excellent armor and melee weapon craftsmanship skills. The nigh0humans are also responsible for training the World Alliance military and also provide help with court decisions.

Dark elves: The dark elves were the fourth to settle New Lore and have turned to total worship of the land. The dark elves also provide nothing for the World Alliance but ambassador's for their country. They were responsible for the widespread belief in peaceful relations exhibited by all races towards all other races. It is the dark elves who suggested the use of ruling leaders of the world alliance called the High Chancellors. Right now, it is a Valegos who is the current High Chancellor of the World Alliance, but the dark elves have served the majority High Chancellor offices.

Nekos: The Nekos were the fifth to settle on New Lore. They are remarkably well trained in economics and thus, the world's economy is monitored in their country, much like Wall Street in New York City.

Valegos: The Valegos were the last to establish settlement on New Lore after their eternal ruler, Alex came to the planet with only a handful of them and traveled with the humans. The Valegos are very well-trained in martial arts and combat skills, making them the entire backbone of the World Alliance's military and Valegos soldiers of the army are always the first to appear when the World Alliance ever needs to send in its troops.

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