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Re: Rhaegar's characters

Post by Zephyr on Mon May 13, 2013 4:50 pm

Name: Summer

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Weight: 137 lbs.

Height: 5'4"

*Eye color: Blue

*Skin color: Fair

*Hair color: red, Kissed By Fire (a brighter, more vivid red than in the pic)

*Body build: slightly curvy(?)

Personality: You'll see.

Likes: Ribs, mostly. She likes to fight sometimes, too.

Dislikes: romance, beating around the bush, any kind of personal shame, decency, or prudence.

Sexuality: Yes.

Clothing choice: see pic, that's her only change of clothes

Class: Fighter

Special powers: superior strength, enhanced stamina

Weapon: none, but her fists of steel!

Background story: She was the first and only subject of the Aranid-Fighter Project, designed to give a soldier enhanced strength, stamina, and mobility through routine injections of the Aranid serum, in vaccine form. Normally, test subjects would have to undergo an Aranid regimen lasting weeks to notice any effects, but Summer gained these effects in just one injection, and with no side effects, and her readings were off the charts. There were no new recruits into the Aranid-Fighter Project, because, well, they didn't need anymore. Summer just got the job done fine by herself. The association that funded the Project in hopes of utilizing the fruits of their labor bought the Project, and dissolved the assets, and hired Summer as hired muscle. She was content with this, as long as she got her fair share of ribs.

Pic: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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