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Story idea

Post by Arcus on Mon Aug 22, 2011 7:31 am

OK, I was talking with metroid on yahoo and we were discussing Lore dying and brain drain. So we talk about new stuff.

Basically he wanted us to keep things fresh and not the store-it-in-an-airtight-container kind of fresh either. So..... What he said to do was a post-apocalyptic steam punk setting. I have no idea why, but it's unique in his wild sense of the word. We can have various races, but they'd need a weird and crazy explanation behind them. Like human-animal hybrids for example could be results of scientific experiments gone awry but made worse through breeding and genetic mutations. I'm just not exactly sure how we could do a steampunk thing since I'm not even sure how steampunk even works and wikipedia hardly tells me anything so don't bother PMing me pages to it.

Why not futuristic though? Like in a society so far advanced that they have access to just about anything and shit like godly medical practices, fuck, even those mana drive implants I saw the enemies use in FFXIII! We could put limits on it all and stuff and make up our own races and shit as we go! Come on people, I'm giving you ideas here, just work with me, there's only four of us, not 400.

If an entire online community can make a crappy half-assed show like bar karma, we four can make a story that will suffice us and whet our appetites for imagination and story telling.

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