The new story I'm working on

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The new story I'm working on

Post by Arcus on Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:31 pm

Because y'all seem to really like the crazy new story I'm working on, I'll keep a record of what i come up with here, both from my convenience, and your convenience.

Story: There is a terrible flood on "The World" that caused the men of the "The World" to disappear, until one day, a woman gives birth, and this child is a very special one indeed, this is the last male ever conceived in "The World". Thus, they immediately snatch the boy up and a government in a far away land raises him. When he is a teenager, he is kicked out of the house he is in for being too lazy considering he isn't quick to get anything anyway, he was then and there, snatched up again. There he lands in a shrine dedicated entirely to him, where he meets the first of many of the powerful guardian girls representing the anime girl archetype. "Mad" Moxie, the yandere type. He later meets everyone else and this is when it is decided in the story that the boy needs to be escorted to the most sacred temple in all the region to be blessed with immortality, eternal youth, and eternal potency....down there. Along the way, the rather large group, mainly the boy's harem now, are confronted with various demons, villains and monsters, all trying to get at the poor boy and raise babies of their own. That makes the story thus far.


Tepe: The main character, he's the last remaining male on the world and is the source of pretty much all of the problems in the story. He's not very bright and is very slow to pick up on things, which is a problem often overlooked because he is so badly wanted by the entirety of "The World"

Moxie: Moxie is the first guardian girl Tepe meets when he wakes up on the floor of her shrine, hog-tied and without clothing. Like any generic yandere, she does everything and anything for Tepe and is clinically insane from her love for him, she has stalked him since the two were children and is very protective of Tepe, she is often seen holding him in a choke hold and brandishing a knife to his cheek.

Sam: The lezzy perv girl guardian, Moxie and Tepe meet her on their way to Moxie's home in the forest of madness where Sam was inexplicably lost chasing after the third guardian. She doesn't care much for Tepe other than his sperm for use as donor sperm. She will often flirt with anyone and everyone the group meets.

Ally: The third guardian representing the shy moe archetype. She is well-known in the story for being very curvy, feminine and extremely well-endowed. She is very afraid of Sam's flirting with her.

Michiyo: The story's first villain, escorted by giant robot monkey minions, she possesses a huge toy hammer that doesn't do much damage. She wanted Tepe to be the father to achieve her dream of having 50 babies over the rest of her lifetime. For this, Same calls her "Ms. Curtains" after saying that her "kitty pie" would be reduced to drawn out curtains.

Tsunade: She is the fourth guardian, who comes in with a giant floating gloved hand and pretty much smacks Michiyo into the sky, causing the remaining monkeys to apeshit and run off without a leader. She actually has no chest and she also reprsents the tsundere type, often slapping people with her giant hand if they ever allude to her feelings for Tepe, in which she fell in love with him at first sight when they first met after Michiyo. Her name, Tsunade is referenced to Naruto's Tsunade, but unlike the Naruto Tsunade, our Tsunade is entirely flat, as in, she has no breasts and is very defensive of this.

Dead: Dead is the fifth guardian girl and unlike the rest, doesn't represent any archetypes. She's just there to pump in a dose of awesome. She's pretty much a tip of the hat to Gungrave, being Grave as a character. But she uses twin grenade launchers that seemingly never run out.... She's also a zombie, but not the horrible ugly type, Just a soulless, heartless, silent killer type thingy.

Sigma: The sixth guardian girl. She is, unlike the rest, an android robot. She is a tip-of-the-hat to Metroid because weapon she pulls out, is a Metroid weapon. Why? Because she can!

Status: OPEN!

More will come in time, folks.

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