Lore 3rd Rewrite chain of command

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Lore 3rd Rewrite chain of command

Post by Arcus on Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:11 pm

Yep. Gonna need one to keep track here.


Envoy of Zero:
Second-in-Command (In charge of the Envoys of the Elements)

Envoys of the Elements:
Sub-Bosses (8 total)
1&2 (Twins): Envoy of Sunset(Dark element), Envoy of Sunrise(Light element) Fuse -----> Envoy of Twilight(Dark and Light element)
3: Envoy of Hurricanes(Wind element)
4: Envoy of Quakes(Earth element)
5: Envoy of Storms(Energy element)
6: Envoy of Waves(Water element)
7: Envoy of Blizzards(Ice element)
8: Envoy of Destruction(Fire element)

Death Lords:
Fierce's minions (Essentially) (8 total)
#1: Death Lord of Darkness (Lake ferryman, fights with Light for Ground floor)
#2: Death Lord of Light(Ground floor, below the lake, fights with Dark for control)
#3: Death Lord of the Sky(Castle first floor)
#4: Death Lord of the Earth(Castle second floor)
#5: Death Lord of Lightning(Castle third floor, Envoy kicks cast out of this floor))
#6: Death Lord of the Seas(Castle first floor annex, Envoy relinquishes teleporter key to castle fourth floor)
#7: Death Lord of Ice(Castle fourth floor)
#8: Death Lord of Flames(Castle fifth floor)

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