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Post by Arcus on Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:44 pm

If anyone can remember the awesome planet called Gaea in which it was to have a trap thief character? Well now I have more of an idea of it.

Lemme break it down for you:

Continents: 5

Inhabitable continents: 3

Continent 1: Rezareo, founded by explorer, Herman Rezarea during Gaea's Age of Explorations. This continent mirrors Earth's Americas, in which it is on the western hemisphere and that the northern part of the continent is temperate and the southern half is close to the third continent, which is the planet's south pole It will be the base setting for the story I have planned.

Continent 2: North Esraea, the original continent of the humanoid inhabitants of Gaea. This continent and it's southern counterpart mirror the Earth's Eurasian continent, with the northern part mirroring the European parts. The Angels will make a few stops in this continent.

Continent 3: South Esraea, everything was explained about this part with the North part. The Angels don't make any stops here, although this part is frequently mentioned for it being one the Angels' home continent.

Continent 4: Arashara, it is the biggest continent on the planet and holds many secrets considering there are many ruins of ancient Gaean cities even though it is largely abandoned by the Gaean humanoid races. Like Earth's Antarctica, there are several scientific research facilities stationed there.

Continent 5: Gaean north pole, nothing fancy about the second largest continent of Gaea.


The Gaeans are largely of wolf-human hybrid descent called homins and there is much evidence of other ancient races of the Gaean humanoid race, such as half feline races and savage prehistoric wolf creatures that more closely resembled wolves than humans. The Gaeans are very intellectual people and their technologies outmatch Earth's technologies. In the instance that flying cars are available to every person and have been for years before the events of the story but the Gaeans are not entirely too dependent on their machinery in the fact that they still use medieval weaponry and armor in wars as they would prefer to not get rid of weapons and armors even with the advancement of firearms and tanks and so forth.

Like humans, the Gaean hominss vary widely in skin color and all those shenanigans to do with appearance, however, there has never been any kind of racial disputes among the Gaean homins. In the story's events however, for 20 years, the homins have had a new race of homins called meta-homins that are better than normal homins in every way and they were never taken too warmly by the homins as they were rather hated and discriminated against and still are, simply because meta-homins move faster than even the fastest homins, are stronger than even the most heavily trained homins, are smarter than even the most schooled homins, and are capable of transforming into terrifying full wolf forms that tower at a full 9 feet in standing height. So these are the two human-like races of Gaea:



Story thus far:

So far in the story, the story takes place in the Rezarean county, the Republic of Allied Rezarean States (R.O.A.R.S) in which three sexy operatives of a top-secret government-allied agency called the Canine Angels form an elite anti-terrorist group entirely designed to, well, combat terrorism that has sprung up around the world. One of the most elite members of the agency is also a Meta-Homin. The three recruit new operatives (That's you guys) to help them go about their awesome kick ass business aboard their luxury super house-aircraft-flying tank-thingy, the New Star and they go around fighting terrorist groups and blowing stuff up and stuff. Fun times are to be had. The founder, Nathan Zero is an immigrant to ROARS with his sexy trap brother, Riley Zero, who's one of the most elite members of the agency, from the Union of Rezarean States, sort of like what the Confederate States of America would have been, except without a funny accent. Their first recruited member was Ray, a Meta-Homin who uses the medieval power of explosive magic within two pairs of twin guns. Then they recruited Izumi, a homin from South Esraea. Riley banded the two women together and formed the first Angels group and made the Canine Angels the government agency it is today.
The story's plot will revolve around the agency trying to fight the terrorist group called "The Black Tornado". A very deadly and popular terrorist group that distinguishes themselves from everyone else by wearing black, skulls&crossbones, and gas masks to battle. they are led by a former Angel by the name of Kiss Ame (Yes, Kiss-a me...) who was the lost fifth founding member of the agency that turned against them three years before the story's events began. So yeah, fun times.

Any more ideas concerning the plot, like an enemy terrorist group would be greatly appreciated.

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