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Lore classes

Post by Pandora on Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:59 pm

Glorified Lore Classes

Warrior: One who charges into the fray armed and armored. Their defense is unmatched and their skills with a weapon is uncanny in nature. The warrior class is the first step up from the Fighter class.

Spellsword: Usually dressed in light to no armor, the spell sword relies heavily on the balanced control of magics and weaponry.

Ranger: In light or no armor, the ranger delivers deadly accurate shots that can fill mass graves. Mostly use guns and bows.

Rogue: The rogue class is akin to the ninja class as well, although the rogue has a more trickery and deception-based class-type as well as a plethora of free running-martial arts combination of combat skills mixed in. The rogue is usually dressed very lightly as in not much clothing to hinder movement, or dressed in a skin tight full body suit.

Paladin: The ultimate warrior with unparalleled defensive capabilities and some healing abilities, the paladin is the ultimate power in warriors while constantly clashing with the evil of death knights.

Necromancers: Using summoned minions and dark arts to deal death to foes, the necromancer can also avoid death as well.

Death knights: Paladins who have betrayed their orders or crossed over to darkness. Death knights are paladins who can still stave off death with their powerful healing magic, but can also bring unholy judgment on their foes and summon their own minions.

Mage: The mage is the foremost and most basic of all magic-wielding classes. They spend years studying elemental magic and the damage they deal greatly reflects that.

Battle mage: Heavily armored spell casters. The sheer indomitable force brought by the battle mages dominated the battle fields of ancient Lore. It was because these spell casters, who could not only cast powerful spells and wield heavy blunt weapons, but because they armored themselves in heavy armor and could take serious damage, that the entire class itself was banned by all parts of Lore and teaching, practicing and any mentions of the class was made heavily illegal. Most battle mages were jailed and executed, went into hiding, or switched professions to become arch mages.

Cleric: Pure, blessed healers. The cleric class in its entirety is represented by Lyna Tajule, who is the goddess of healing and medicine. For a long time, the cleric class was thought dead, because it was replaced by means of spiritual healers or more technological healers. The cleric class was brought back into light once Lyna assumed the position as Lore's medicine and healing goddess and spread the class around all of Lore where ever she went to heal and inspect hospitals.

Engineers: Masters of machinery. The engineers utilize their vast skills over technology to be able to integrate them in the forms of terrifying battlefield weapons.

Swordsman: A warrior whose skills surpass others with a sword can become a swordsman. These masters of usually more than one sword at a time are lightning fast, cutting their enemies to ribbons before they can even blink.

Samurai: A warrior who follows a strict code of honor, loyally serves under a master, trusts his/her sword entirely and has become one with the blade is a samurai. Samurai warriors are lightning fast warrior who need only wield one katana at a time, but usually carry a smaller sword called a wakizashi with them to battle in the case that their katanas are rendered useless in any way possible. Samurai without masters or rulers are know as Ronin.

Ninja: Just like a rogue, only stealth based instead of equal stealth with trickery&deceit. They use a variety of weapons to get their jobs done.

Berserker: A fighter who is completely overtaken with rage on the battlefield and who uses anger to his/her advantage, taking control of the extraordinary amounts of adrenaline they feel from the thrill of fighting, the berserker lives on the battlefield and loves to fight and kill using just about any weapon and wearing little to no armor.

Knight: A warrior who lives by a strict code of bravery, courtesy and courage, the knight is an elite fighter, skilled in just about any blunt, medium ranged, or edged weapon they like. The knights charge into battle encased in powerful heavy armor making them able to almost completely withstand any kind of melee attack with their powerful defenses.

Fencer: A Fighter(Lower-class warrior) who strongly excels in speed and agility can become a Fencer, a master of a light, fast sword such as a rapier to pummel their enemies relentlessly with fast, accurate attacks and can even take hold of a gun to attack their enemies from afar.

Martial artist: A warrior who has conditioned their bodies to withstand the most brutal of attacks while dealing the same damage and harness their powerful inner strength are martial artists. These highly trained fighters don't need weapons to level the battlefield, they need only bring themselves.

Alchemist: An alchemist is one who is skilled in chemistry and potions. They are ones capable of using lethal potion concoctions in battle alongside explosives as their weapons of choice.

Bard: Known for their spoony Laughing nature, bards are people whose music can encourage the masses, discourage enemies and pluck at a monster's heart strings. Using the power of their poetry and songs to turn the tides of battle, the bard is always there with lyrics in hand to ensure their allies' victory.

Fighter: The most basic of warrior classes and the one class with the most options available after mastery. The fighter is a jack of all trades among the many melee-heavy classes simply because their class has no real place among warriors, so fighters usually study the ways of other warrior classes while honing their own fighting skills.

Lancer: A warrior who has prided her/himself upon the extraordinary power of medium-ranged weapons such as lances, spears, or halberds. The Lancer class is known for its agility and balanced defensive power being able to wear any type of armor up to light-weight plate mail. A Lancer can even sometime combine their astonishing offensive power with a huge shield to maximum balance in battle.

Adventurer: The adventurer is the jack of all trades and a master of no classes. The adventurers spends most of their time just exploring, be it the world or the worlds of the classes, the adventurer can use any weapon, wear any armor, and cast any type of spell. Truth be told, the adventurer class must resort to runes to use magic and are never very strong.

Illusionist: There is nothing on the battlefield that is more exotic, deadly, nor beautiful than the Illusionist class. This class is renowned for its beautiful melee dancing-based fighting style that combines wonderful grace with the power of the sword most Illusionists choose to carry, however, the true core of the Illusionists class relies on their ability to create illusions, clones, and mirages. All to deceive the enemy, confuse the enemy and disorient the enemy, allowing for an easy take down. There is truly no other class that is as wicked or efficient as the smiling, dancing Illusionist.

Witch: The witch class is a more natural-based, debuff-heavy magic class. Witches usually derive their power from their strange magical hats, which are said to be sources of infinitely-regenerating mana and will continue to supply the witch with mana unless the hat is knocked of or destroyed. Witches also fight in a variety of ranges and with companion weapons known as familiars or supporters, making the witch class the most diversified class of the magic-bases.

Hunter: A ranger-type class using the aid of animal companions. They can use any type of ranged weapon from short bows to hunting rifles.

Slayer: A type of class that specializes in the slaying of monsters. Though the slayer class is more common in the form of vampire slayers and dragon slayers. The slayer class would do anything and use any means to exterminate what they see as threats.

Battle Chef: A mix of support and front line specialty combat. The Battle Chef cooks up monster enemies and turns them into absolutely delicious cuisines that help those who eat the chef's foods. They usually use weapons concerning kitchen equipment and have summing spells accordingly to aid them in their monster hunts. From being able to summon powerful fiery oven golems to roasting whole monsters in an inescapable fireball, the Battle Chefs can do it all.

Dancer: Just like the Illusionist, only they don't do much fighting. They use their enticing bodies and rhythmic movements to charm foes or empower friends and fight with daggers. Their dances are known all over for having a mysterious power all their own.

Artillery Ranger: A ranger who specializes in heavy firepower! They wear heavy armor due to the massive weight behind their huge cannons they hold in their arms. Though, it's becoming a trend to use rocket launchers as well.

Archers: They are more nature-attuned rangers who prefer the use of bows and crossbows and are more stealth-based than average hunters and rangers.

Pirates: Sailing thieves! They fight with small firearms such as light pistols and curved swords called sabers. They are also masters of explosives and love the seas, which is why they are mostly seen in ships.

Transforming mage: A mage who has practiced the arts of taking the form and abilities of another creature, be it a dragon, a wolf, or even an opponent in combat. They must first see an opponent's form and body and their abilities in battle and memorize them before using the opponent's entire image against them.

Summoner: A mage who's magic abilities come in the form of summoning creatures from other realms to fight for them. There is never any certainty in a summoner can do when faced with one in combat.

Demonologist: A person who studies demons and uses their magic powers to fight others. The demonologist spends years studying the magical attack powers of demons and masters their powers for the user's own powers. they're like demons, only human... Or are they?

Dragoon: A knight who uses polearms and uses the power of dragons, mainly mimicking their flight, or mounts small dragon mounts.

Knight mage: Similar to the final fantasy red mage, the knight mages uses light swords, light armor or cloth armor and fights with medium strength offensive magic and helps allies with medium strength healing magic. They're really out shined by the battle mages in terms of balanced melee and magic combat.

Sniper: A stealthy gunner who prefers long distance combat, and we mean long distance combat. Or they can demonstrate their stealth and kill enemies right up next to them, with no one know who fired what shot from where. They use all types of weapons built for long distance sniping.

Death Lancer: A lancer who excels in the use of a scythe is now known under its own branch from the Lancer family as the Death Lancer. Death Lancers may balance the power of their scythes with darkness elemental magic or any other offensive magic. Contrary to their name, Death Lancers aren't all dark and grim, they only got their name because their weapons of choice are used by the grim reaper to harvest souls.

Black Knights: Ghoulish knights whose full body light armor are bathed in the color of black and use dark swords seeped in truly fiendish magic.

Puppeteer: A person who puts life into inanimate objects such as dolls or robots without their own internal power source. They fight with their automatons using light weaponry such as daggers while their partners deal the most of the damage.

Assassin: A step up from the ninja. Specializing in killing their foes as quickly as possible. They are the true masters of stealth, often using disguises or putting on believable acts to put their prey to sleep....forever.

Gun Magician: A class entirely embodied by Gentle Battle. It is a class that takes the prospects of the mage class and the ranger class to meld them together into a powerful ranged magic fighter who uses guns to cast powerful ranged spells.

Beastmaster: A master of animals! This class can either tame animals successfully or just have a certain charisma around animals. However, the one special ability of this class is being able to communicate with animals. They also primarily use whips as a means of personal combat.

Mimic: An off-shoot of the transforming mage class, it is a class that imitates skills used by other classes as well as beasts on occasion.


Melee classes
Martial Artist

Special classes
Battle mage
Death Lancer
Black Knight

Support classes
Battle Chef

Ranged classes
Artillery Ranger

Magic classes
Transforming mage
Knight mage

So there we go, any new classes submitted will now have their definitions listed and categorized with the other classes depending on similarities in classes.

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Re: Lore classes

Post by Zephyr on Mon May 18, 2015 10:38 pm

Arcane Painter: a class of artistic magic users that can paint anywhere, even in mid-air. When painting on a surface or in the air, the paint goes into action as a magic spell depending on the type of brush staff used. This is dictated by the Painters themselves, as they mix their own spellpaints alchemically, and apply them to their arsenal of brush staves. The Painters can even paint on themselves in order to grant them buffs and abilities, for however long the paint stays on. However, once the paint comes into contact with water, the effects of the spells are nullified.
example of one such Arcane Painter: http://nicholaskole.deviantart.com/art/Dawngate-Concept-Zeri-395120514

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