Another WIP Story

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Another WIP Story

Post by Proxzki on Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:24 pm

Serabi - References the city and the desert that surrounds it. In the case of the intro, she was talking about the city.

Capture _____(insert reflective object) - An item charged with magic that allow it to capture anything. Glass is what is used for pictures.

Volkia - A volcanic waste that houses the Volkians, a race of gray skinned people that typically have black hair and dark sclera.

Kore - Name of the world(for now, could change)

Depths - Much of the world lives underground, which is ironically a predominantly floral environment that gives way to rolling plains and eventually an underground ocean. It is poorly explored and likely is home to underground continents. Many immigrants come here from the surface and normally stay there due to its beauty. It somehow has its own light source and has a high enough ceiling to have real weather and even a blue sky. Much like Earth before industrialization.

Moles - People that live underground/immigrants to the Depths. Also a name for people who seek to overthrow the government, though due to fear this variant of Mole is rare.

Holm - The single capital of the world. It dominates its people with an iron fist and allows crime to continue endlessly as long as the crime syndicates pay dues to them. The government suspects that people who move to the depths are traitors who seek to overthrow them.

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