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ThePinkOne's Character(s)

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:50 am

Name: Minako Suzuki

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Witch

Weight: 90lb (40.8233 kg)

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

*Eye color: strawberry red (or pink...)

*Skin color: Creme

*Hair color: strawberry red (or pink...)

*Body build: 39-25-33

Personality: To those she does not trust she acts arrogant and hard to please and tends to act rudely towards the person. But when she feels like she can trust a person she sticks to their side and is soft and kind. But when someone she cares for is hurt in anyway, she will not stop until she has inflicted 10 times the harm to the one who caused it. She also tends to use seduction if she feels it could get her something she wants.

Likes: Cats, cute things, Nature, wine, fruits especially strawberries

Dislikes: Rats, bugs, being called cute, being looked down upon, having to apologize, perverts, idiots

Sexuality: Minako is bisexual but she tends to lean towards men.

Clothing choice: usually light armor like that of a rogue, but out in normal she would usually wear long leather boots with dark brown or black pants, a leather corset over a white silk shirt (almost looks like a pirate without a pirate hat) and almost always wears a long wornout brown cloak with a ruby brooch.

Class: mage/rogue

Special powers:

High level magic
fast healer
very flexible
(more to be added later)

Weapon: bracelets on her wrists that allow her to control her magic

Alternate weapons: rapier, and a dagger

Background story: The kingdom of Celestia was said to be the city of demons, for in ancient times it was said that beings from the dark realm entered the human world and settled, and created this city, and country. It was also said that her own mother, Kira Queen of Celestia was the one who brought them there. But one day a human man had come to the country and fell in love with the demon queen. The human and the demon queen were never away from each other... until they found that the woman was pregnant. The demons furious that a mere human would touch their queen, never mind be the father of her children, had him killed.

Ten years passed since then, and the queen raised her 'twin' daughter... her eldest Minako who had pink hair which symbolized the royal blood of the demons, and Aki who had honey blonde hair and was strictly human like her father. Minako having the demon blood was raised as the next heir, of course not accepted by her people since she had human blood in her and was named "Witch" for not being demon, nor human. But Aki for some reason, had also had a weak body, nothing they could do could fix it, and it was said that she would not live a very long life. On the day of their eleventh birthday.... Aki died, leaving Minako alone, and no one who loved her. Furious at what she felt was her fault, stole money from her mother and ran away, hoping to never return to the place she called home... somewhere she felt she could be free.

Minako is now nineteen. She always travelled, afraid that if she stayed in one place to long, she would be dragged back to Celestia to follow in her mothers foot steps. She has tried to fit in with the humans due to her human like appearance, but many felt that her hair was cused, and would only led to destruction, so she began to distrust anyone who came to her.




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