Lore: The Fallen/Idle King(Title WIP)

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Lore: The Fallen/Idle King(Title WIP)

Post by Proxzki on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:52 pm

The gist of everything:

Zera runs a vast kingdom as an excellent ruler, loses it due to a powerful and dark opposing faction. Zera was going to turn the tide of the war as it approached his capital city, but he is overpowered in his residence and forced into housing a demon in his body, which slowly corrupts him as the story progresses. He also loses his kingdom due to being unable to aid it in the war. He is hated by those who evacuated and survived who managed to spread word of how he "simply stood by and watched his kingdom burn to the ground".

So the story circles around Zera creating a new kingdom of sorts, at the same time clearing his name and ridding him of the demon that is slowly infecting his body and soul.

Gonna add more while on my cruise.

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