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Dyanis' Characters

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Name: Dimitri 'Demi' Demarchis (Deh-Mark-key)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 143 lbs.

Height: 5'8"

Personality: Dimitri normally never talks, usually giving people the feeling that he is mute or just doesn't care. Although, that is mainly to people he doesn't know. However, if he is used to someone he will talk, although it's still rare, he will show that he cares by subtle gestures. Such as, a gentle touch of the shoulder, arms, legs or a hug.

Likes: Quiet (not silence), reading, classical music, Maria

Dislikes: Loud noises, thunder and lightning, deafening silence.

Sexuality: Homosexual....but unintentionally flirts with everyone he manages to talk to.

Clothing choice: Conservative. Long pants, Long sleeved shirts (most of the time.), wind breaker (for the occasions he wears short sleeved shirts.)


History: Dimitri was born the only child of a pair of real estate agents, however he spent most of his time with the house keeper, Maria. Growing up his parents were so dedicated to their work that they never had anytime for him, he felt neglected and the only person who ever paid any attention to him what so ever was Maria.

Then when he was six, his parents were fired because they were missing too many days of work, little did their boss, or themselves, know that Dimitri was sick. However, that didn't take any blame away from him in their eyes but when he got better they tried to forget about it and spend time with him.

Realizing his parents were staying home more and were trying to spend time with him, Dimitri became very happy a repeatedly asked questions. He also talked excessivly and just didn't know how to be quiet, Maria was glad that he had finally come out of the depressive shell he couped himself I/to but his parents were annoyed.

Then one day, when Dimitri was 12, he finally asked the question that had been weighing on his mind; 'Why were you guys fired?' His parents couldn't take it anymore and yelled at him to shut up, when he asked why they beat him, when he cried they beat him, when he screamed in pain they beat him, and continued beating him until he was silent. After that experience, he didn't talk for a long time, eventually forming it into a habit until Maria finally confronted him. She asked him why he wasn't talking and at first he was reluctant but eventually answered, she was utterly horrified by his answer and just gave him a motherly bear hug.

Since then, she has been working as a stay in maid for them and has been trying to tear Dimitri from his shell again, makin sure to he gets the love and affection he needs from a mother.

Appearance: Dimitri has short brown hair that us cropped at the neck however, his bangs are kept long and partially cover his eyes, more so the left than right. His eyes are naturally heterochromian, left is silvery green and right is silvery blue/teal. He has a light tan adorning his lithe, yet athletic built body. He also has a small beauty mark under his right eye. Also, he has a small heart shaped birthmark on his left ass cheek


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