[18+] Lore: Sexquest (BIO THREAD)

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[18+] Lore: Sexquest (BIO THREAD)

Post by Zephyr on Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:40 am

here you post your characters for Lore: Sexquest, which is an alternate version of Lore where sex happens frequently, and one won't stay a virgin for long...

Name: Karii

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Warg(wolf girl)

Weight: 98 lbs.

Height: 5'11"

*Eye color: red

*Skin color: fair, pale

*Hair color: silver

*Body build: slim

Personality: wild, out-going, rambunctious, frisky(especially when she's in heat). Has a deep-seated phobia of the undead. In her defense, "the dead should stay dead!"

Likes: running, and fighting, exploring, being active, hunting

Dislikes: getting wet, getting beaten, losing prey, heights

Sexuality: bisexual

Clothing choice: (contrary to the pic) she wears a leather bikini, with a fur trim.

Class: Ranger/hunter

Special powers: can turn into a direwolf(silvery-grey in color, with brown streaks on her head and back). Superhuman speed, strength, and senses(especially scent and hearing).

Weapon: a magic boar spear, named Claw. 7 feet long. Can be thrown with deadly accuracy, and recalled magically. It's able to pierce most plate armors, and, since it's a boar spear, they would have a tough time getting to her or getting off the spear.

Alternate weapons: Fangs and claws, LOL

Background story: Not much to it, just loved hunting and running all her life. She found out she was a warg at 6 years old(although she always had wolf ears and a tail, but she found she could turn into a direwolf)


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Re: [18+] Lore: Sexquest (BIO THREAD)

Post by Proxzki on Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:59 am

Name:Makon Hydarok


Age:15 (18 NL)

Actual Eye-Color: Heterochromatic (gold and red)

Race: Half-Neko

Weapon: Revolvers with bayonets, basically. Would be more detailed but lazy.


Weight:115 lbs

Clothing style:

Casual: Black and violet clothing. Fit and tight when it comes to lower-body clothing.

Combat: A tight ninja suit like Robbie! Ya! ya!

NL Combat: Baggy black pants, no shirt, and a black vest. The clothes have a violet trim with a violet flame symbol on the back of the vest.

Likes:Most people, but especially KFierce, Lucky, Lulu, Teddy, Robbie, and Kylie.

Dislikes:Marcus, Zera, Nesh to an extent.

Personality: In older stories he is very outgoing, loud, but very loving to everyone. Intensely enjoys physical contact and is attention can be completely drawn by large breasts. He doesn't think love should have any kind of limitation, and so pursues relationships with his sisters that would be unethical.

Special Powers

1 - Bestial Transmogrification (can morph into a full-fledged neko)

Background story:Zera and KFierce's only son. He takes more after his mom than his dad in appearance, but at the genetic level he's more like his father.

~Author's notes~

My representative character in the series. In real life, I act very much like him with the exception of his strange fetishes. >,>


Note that the following pic is just to reference his face and hairstyle and color and overall appearance. Other than his clothes. I don't like the clothes.

pics(cut-off pic is preview pic):http://i45.tinypic.com/2uyr405.jpg


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Re: [18+] Lore: Sexquest (BIO THREAD)

Post by Arcus on Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:10 am

Name: Theodore "Teddy" Battle

Age: 16

Gender: Male, but totally looks like a legit female though

Race: Human demigod

Weight: "I actually don't know. I hope I'm not too heavy..."

Height: 5"8

*Eye color: Orange

*Skin color: Fair white

*Hair color: Blue, long about butt length, varied in style, usually keeps it smoothed and down, but sometimes keeps it in a pony tail or on pig tails at the back of the head.

*Body build: Curvy, large bust

Personality: Fun-loving, caring, friendly, sweet, compassionate, defensive of loved ones.

Likes: Family, close friends, sweets, cute girls's clothing.

Dislikes: not too much.

Sexuality: For the most part, it's never specified what he's into.

Clothing choice:Bright colored girl clothing or blue clothes, rarely boy clothes but they're usually blue or white.

Combat clothes:
Top: Blue spandex sport bra with white five-pointed star patterned print

Bottom: Tight brown leather pants
Shoes: Steel armored boots colored a deep blue to match his weapons which are colored deep blue.

Class: Martial artist

Special powers:

1. Steel Fist(The fighting style used by Fierce in martial artist form)

2. Blink(Teleportation ability, pretty much)

3. Harden(It adds defensive strength to his body, you pervs)

4. Absorb(Weaker version of a familiar character's Strengthen ability which absorbs the power of physical attacks to add more power to user's own physical attacks and absorbs small-scale magic attacks to heal light wounds and injuries)

Weapon: Hard Fists(They're gauntlet weapons)

Background story: Became a martial artist-type fighter under the instruction of a mysterious man named "W". Who could this mysterious man be?

History: Teddy's history and lineage was changed very quickly over his short time as an official character to the Lore series. Teddy was originally a child born to Fierce by way of Xandros who completely brainwashed her into carrying the baby for a full nine months until she woke up one night to the infant Teddy's crying and simply decided to raise him unquestioningly. Very shortly was his history changed to being the son of a mystery man who the audience only knows as a mere mortal man without any kind of use for the story whatsoever and that Fierce had a fling with off screen. Fierce has never revealed the name of Teddy's father, but it is known that the father is indeed human and that Fierce seemed to enjoy the man. However, as for his extremely feminine body, Teddy has never revealed why he has actual functioning breasts or how has a real woman's body either, which is pretty much an insult to Fierce since even her own son has bigger breasts than her.

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Re: [18+] Lore: Sexquest (BIO THREAD)

Post by Razorshell on Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:41 pm

Name: Maricia Dawncast

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Weight: NA

Height: 5'7

*Eye color:Blue

*Skin color: Fair

*Hair color: Violet

*Body build: Busty

Personality: Loves her family. Bubbly

Likes: Fierce, Zinc, Marcus. Doing good.

Dislikes: Zera and evil

Sexuality: bisexual

Clothing choice: Robes that reveal her cleavage

Class: Mage

Special powers: Elemental magic and healing spells

Weapon: Crisis her gem staff

Alternate weapons: Cast. her White cat and magic. Cast can turn into a saber tooth cat when the need arises.

Background story: Marcus' sister 'nuff said

History: Appeared along side her brother in many stories but left to go on a journey of self discovery

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Re: [18+] Lore: Sexquest (BIO THREAD)

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