Browser Girls story thread

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Browser Girls story thread

Post by Zephyr on Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:36 am

this is a story about the personifications of popular internet browsers as they battle the anonymous trolls of 4chan and the dark, ignorant empire of the government as they try to grasp control of the internet. (don't ask me why browsers are fighting threats to the internet, just roll with it.)

The setting is a virtual life-simulated environment of the internet.
the characters:
-Chrome (kick-ass kung-fu android)
-Firefox (Kitsune with pyrokinetic powers)
-IE (I dunno. maybe some kind of knight, or medieval warrior? open to suggestions. Don't be mean, now.)
-Safari (adventurer/explorer/navigator, like a female Gerard Vale)
-Opera (viking/Valkyrie)

those won't be their actual names ofc, just placeholders.

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