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Kurono Characters

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:03 pm


Name: Yuzuki Kurono

Nickname: Blue Knight

Age: 1000+

Classification: Immortal Beaut

Gender: Female

Description: Black long hair that is up in pigtails,unevenly and has blazing blue eyes. She's around 5'3 and is usually wearing a black jacket that reaches below her ankles and wears a black bikini top along with black shorts and boots. She is known by a large white star that is behind her jacket.

Personality: During fights with other non human beings, she tends to look calm, steady and focus. But whenever she meets a human being, she tries her best to look optimistic and kind to them.

Likes: Humans, Taking Long Walks, Peace

Dislikes: She hates the sight of blood. Whenever she gets a glimpse of it, she looses her sanity, thus killing or destroying everything in her path.

Bio: As the human race was near its end, due to an alien race known as "Dreads" attacking planet earth, the humans decided to create an organization group where they kidnap children/infants to become a super soldier. Yuzuki, kidnapped at age of 7, was already training to become a soldier. But as the organization group, "Omegas" discovered about the Dread's abilities and actions, they decided to experiment their men, including the children/infants. Unfortunately, most of their men didn't make it through the painful experiments. As years and years went by, the Omegas finally discovered how to create immortal soldiers. Luckily,Yuzuki was one of the survivors, thus becoming an "Immortal Beaut." Now, everything in planet earth has been in ruins, and only a few humans are living there, but in the shadows. Yuzuki is one of he protectors in planet earth, facing the human-like Dreads.

Abilities: Having to go throught painful experiments, Yuzuki's bones have so much strength, she is able to carry objects that are 3 tons or less. She is able to jump building to buildings and can see from far distances (About 3 miles). Her eyes are the inportant part about her abilities. Her left eye can activated her hidden power, thus making her eye have a blue fire. During that time, her strength and speed are doubled. Drawback about it though is that damage is taken the longer she has it activated, eventually making her left eye bleed. Her attack moves are mainly focused on offensive and evasive maneuvers. Her athletic abilities are very unique, creating various flips and steady dodges during fights.

Weapon: She's usually seen carrying a large black gun that weighs about 1 1/2 tons. It can also shape shift into a large sword. She can summon it on her own free will. If she is unable to summone it, her other weapon is a ninjato that she carries on her side.


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White Bloody Knight

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:55 pm


Name: Primula White

Nickname: Psycho Knight

Age: 600+ (Appearence Looks 14)

Classification/Race: Immortal Beaut

Weight: 85

Height: 4'9"

Gender: Female

Description: She has tan skin with white, short hair with uneven bangs. Her eye patterns match Yuzuki's, but they're a blazing orange color. She usually wears a hoodie on with white flame marks. She wears a short dress with white socks and metallic shoes. Below her dress, she has a large, mechanical tail that she uses during fights. Without her mechanic arms, she wears black gloves that reach to her elbow.

Personality: Stubborn, Headstrong, Sinister, Child-like, Short-tempered, Psycho.

Likes: Fighting Dreads, mainly Yuzuki. Bothering the humans she encounters with. Without anyone noticing her, she loves eating sweets and candy she finds, casuing her strength to increase the more she eats.

Dislikes: Humans in general. She also hates being called short, child or kid.

Class: Immortal Beaut Lv. 2

Abilities: Despite her seemingly heavy weaponry, she is fast enough to beat down any large opponents and evade their attacks. Similar to Yuzuki's strength, Primula can carry objects that are 3 tons or less without her machanic arms. But if she has them on, her strength increases dramatically, allowing her to stop a train that coming right at her. She can also change her mechanic ogre arms to become machine guns or gatling guns, which have an extremely high rate of fire. The drawback about her weapon, however, is that the longer she uses her guns, the greater the damage she'll take, which are deadly degree burns.

Alternate Weapons: If her mechanical arms are preoccupied or she is unable to use them, her secondary weapon is her mechanical tail that can break anything that is equal or less stronger than steel.

History: After being kidnapped as an infant and going through deadly and painful experiments, Primula became the first young immortal beaut. But soon, realizing about the humans and her main reason for becoming immortal, she looses her sanity and escapes the Omega organization, not wanting to be part of their objectives.

Background Story: Due to the humans experimenting on her, she ignores their pleas and focuses more on trying to find dreads to fight. She wanders into the ruins looking for someone or something to kill.


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