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New School Story

Post by Proxzki on Mon Feb 25, 2013 9:36 am

Alright, supernatural-ish story involving teens with powers. Go.

There'll be your basic elemental students, which students can know multiple of, but the school will restrict them to only using one during any match. But you can switch between elements between matches. Much like Control students, they can be flexible in their skills, but unlike Control students, are almost impossible to disarm, and are overall more defensive, with obvious exceptions. Special cases in this class of student are Air and Earth.

Air/Wind students can use high-speed air to damage enemies, and can also change the pressure of the area to manipulate the weather and the way chemicals and other elements interact with each other, having the highest utility out of probably any other kind of student.

Earth students are required to practice all skills outside, and there is a special combat class for them where they practice outdoors. Some teachers take this opportunity to take their Earth students for nature walks and such. Therefore, they have the most knowledge of the surrounding area out of other students. Low-level students are more defensive where high-level students have an even balance of defensiveness and offensiveness. But they have to be careful about not damaging school property.

School Restriction: No weapons, can only use one kind of element at a time.

There are your "Control" students, who manipulate types of man-made objects like fabric, but they specialize in whatever material they manipulate. These guys are versatile but have obvious weaknesses. These students are the most skillful in their craft because they have to be. Most man-made materials can easily be destroyed, such as fabric. So they have to work to preserve whatever materials they bring with them, or else they can be left defenseless. Many solve this issue by wearing whatever material they use on their bodies, so as not to lose it or forget to maintain it. They can switch materials between matches. Similar to elemental students, but they can be quickly disarmed. Due to this threat, some either augment their materials to be tougher/more durable, or attack aggressively until their opponent can't fight anymore or are bound up and can no longer fight.

School Restriction: Can only use one kind of material at a time.

The most "supernatural" students will fall under categories such as:

Time manipulators, who can freeze, accelerate, or slow time. In order to deal any damage to an opponent they need a weapon/focus. Although not allowed in school, they can make others older or younger. This is against the law, however, as it can potentially create a condition where there's no one dying and just population growth, leading to overpopulation.

School Restriction: Weapon must be a mace.

Infernal/Occult students can be necromancers, warlocks, etc. Anything involving dark magic and "evil" stuff. Just because a character uses this kind of ability doesn't mean they need to be edgy. They can be cheerful if you wish. The average Infernal only can resurrect flimsy skeletal servants, summon harmless ghosts(or ones they can't control). are occasionally possessed since they can channel spirits, and all Infernals have some knowledge of alchemy. Infernals cannot control darkness, btw. Their summons may be able to, though. Can issue curses, some of these can be devastating or even fatal. The more dangerous the curse is, the longer it lasts.

School Restriction: No more than one summon, no lethal poisons, no lethal or long-standing curses.

Divine/Holy students can be healers, anti-Infernal if they think Infernals are evil or something, can be Light DPS casters and usually are. Anti-"evil" magic is usually reserved for folks of higher skill in this profession. Healing and controlling light are common among such students, though. Some are so potent they can use "pure" Lightning and Water abilities, which have properties of their Light affinity rather than embodying the actual respective elements. Can bless people and bring them luck. Blessings have a random and static effect, but the duration depends on the skill of the student.

School Restriction: No weapons(all of them can use Light-based magic)

To have the story expand beyond the school, we should go on adventures sometimes. Go places we shouldn't. Anyway, there'll be weapons you use for school(they are non-lethal, at most knocking students out, and useless versus any real threat), and weapons you use in the Wilderness/Outside(scary beasties out thar, better bring a lethal weapon).

Not every students needs a weapon, but some might if they prefer to whittle down their opponents like Time users do. Some kinds of students aren't allowed to use weapons at all like Divine ones, although many benefit from wielding one. Despite the school's restrictions, the surrounding area(except for any nearby town(s)) should be reasonably dangerous and warrant everyone, no matter their type, to wield a lethal weapon.


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Re: New School Story

Post by Zephyr on Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:20 pm

plot: we stop cultists that are trying to summon an ancient hate-destruction god and obliterate everything in existence. Simple, easy to execute, and also quite fun. Lessdoeet!

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