Lore: Deus Ex Revengeance Calamity Trigger

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Lore: Deus Ex Revengeance Calamity Trigger

Post by Proxzki on Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:41 pm

As predicted in the Aquila story, there was global outrage over Empress Millia DuFresne's imprisonment and subsequent torture at the hands of the anti-magical Global Defense Force. Zera had brought it to light before being voluntarily slain by his son(Aquila, in this case), who was bound by honor to kill him(and wanted to anyway), despite the fact it fed into Zera's scheme of starting a revolution against the GDF's corruption. There was an initial, unorganized rebellion localized to all standing cities aside from the GDF's home city of Raven. They began searching for Aquila in every city, until eventually finding him in Emberton living with Mellow. They initially intended to take Mellow along with him, but he killed the original Hunter-class GDF meant to bring him in, giving Mellow time to successfully flee.

This story takes place 6 months after that. GDF have put the entire continent under military rule, treating the inhabitants like prisoners conspiring with the rebel mages. Regardless of the accuracy of that assumption. The group has reached the R&D(Research and Development) Center, which also supposedly held Millia, doubling as an Incarceration Center where they experiment on magic users and those affiliated with them. As a side note, by this time normal folk have allied themselves witht he Magi and are arming themselves with various weapons. Including guns looted from GDF.

They are greeted in the spacious lobby by a single person in what appears to be light armor, as most of it is form-fitting besides the pants, which are light blue like the rest of his suit. He wears a heavily-tinted, transparent visor, his yellow eyes glowing through the dark blue visor, his navy blue hair overlapping it some, as it only covers his face. The back part of his armor rising up a little, acting as a defensive barrier resembling a popped shirt collar. Upon noticing the group he draws dual HF blades. Accompanying rebels fire on him with their guns en masse, but it generates a mana barrier that has the bullets harmlessly deflect from him. It merges its two HF swords into a swing large HF Greatsword, but does not charge at them, prompting melee-equipped rebels to take the initiative, quickly being dispatched by sweeps of the sword, the vibration of it coupled with a mana aura cutting through them as if through air. The Knight holds its ground, not budging, but clearing browsing his opponents.

[For the record, all of your guys' characters are there as well, coupled with mages and armed rebel forces.]

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