On the Noble Houses of Lore

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On the Noble Houses of Lore

Post by Zephyr on Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:34 pm

here we document each of our noble houses, for the Lore GoT parody.

city/seat(the name of the city they rule):
sigil(if you need help on heraldic terms/rules, there's always google):
colors of the house: (these are the theme colors of the house, used in their banner/sigil, clothing, and tapestries.
special details:


name: House Fiyalis
city: Stone Harbor(GoT Lore's equivalent of King's Landing)
sigil: a roaring Chimera, on a field of red.
colors of the house: grey on red.
motto: Strength from Union.
special details: The ruling house of Lore, ever since their ancestors invaded and conquered the realm 600 years ago. The members are-
-Queen Merya Fiyalis, aged 38, unwed. Took the throne three years ago following her father's mysterious death. Because of the laws in place, she wed a commoner from the street a week before taking the throne, and the new king died shortly after taking the throne. So far, she has expressed no intention to remarry. She is slim in weight, and fair in appearance, and has long, flowing fiery red hair. A golden crown, with ornaments depicting each of the Chimera's three heads, rests on her brow, and she wears the a grey and red gown, tight-fitting, deep-cut gown.
-Prince Arstan Fiyalis, aged 19, Hera's twin. Unwed. Born from Queen Merya and the late King Durn. Is fit in build and stature, and has his mother's red hair, long and flowing, arranged in a ponytail. Wears royal princely vestments, pants, and boots.
-Princess Hera Fiyalis, aged 19, Arstan's twin. Unwed, and missing since the age of 7. There is a reward of 500 gold claws for her safe return, and news of her death is punishable by death.

one more to come, I guess

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