IRL Story.

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IRL Story.

Post by Proxzki on Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:55 pm

Not an anime RP, for once. It'll center around us (or most of us, since Wiggles doesn't want in). It'll be about us if we were to realize our present-day goals the best way reasonably possible. It can start at either Sarge's or me and Arc's house.

I suppose you have put down pseudo-character bios here but they aren't necessary. It'd be nice to know professions though, and what significant things the person has done with their life, where they live, etc. Any misc info's also alright. Anything's fine.

Ex. Bio
Profession: Was a pipeline Welder, currently co-founder of weed-growing company, and bit-coin farmer, retired.


Income: $350-$550k pre-retirement, now $150-$350k. (the massive fluctuation is due to bitcoins probably still fluctuating massively in value, but still having relatively high-value)

Lives: In Maine w/Ryan, don't feel like describing the house myself. Besides it being 2-story and near a forest and being spacious.

Appearance: Mostly black hair, but it's graying slightly because it's genetic, the rest you may remember from pics, where a black, gray, and white hoodie with either cargo pants, jeans, or skinny jeans of a bland coloration. Also, I'll still look pretty young, like late 20's. Hell, I might look like a younger adult even since my face hasn't matured much in appearance since my mid-teens and I'm nearly 20 now. Shirt's probably a leisurely buttoned shirt of a bland color.

Height: 5"10-5"11

Weight: 125-130lbs, prolly.

Hobbies: Gaming, modding video games, cooking, examining a tarp in a home environment.

We could do some realistic stuff to make it interesting. Like wars happening that effect conversation from what we hear on the news/see on the internets, or we could do Space Tourism since it IS the future. We could do some cool stuff if we're creative. Maybe visit interesting places.


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Re: IRL Story.

Post by Arcus on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:16 pm

Okay, here be mine:

Profession: Was a vet's assistant/youtuber, now youtuber and bit-coin farmer. Retired

Age: 36

Incone: $10-$40k on youtube

Appearance: Long(shoulder length) very dark almost black grown hair, I wouldn't let it gray. I will wear a pikachu hoodie with form fitting gray, black or yellow shirts and skinny jeans or leather pants, probably some amount of dresses for rare occasions.

Height: 5"3-5"4 maybe

Weight: Maybe 100 or 90.

Hobbies: Gaming, youtube game commentaries, watching anime, reading manga

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Re: IRL Story.

Post by Razorshell on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:39 pm

Profession:Game designer for nintendo.
Income: About 75K
Appearence:Short black hair Normally wears gamer shirts and jeans Short and stocky.
Weight: 250
Hobbies: Comics gaming reading Anime youtube cooking and Manga.

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Re: IRL Story.

Post by Zephyr on Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:20 pm

Profession: SPARTAN!!! jk jk, big-time movie director


Income: ~$157 million a year, depending on production costs and box office returns

Lives: Santa Monica, California. He owns a large, three-story house by the beach.

Appearance: short hair, some grey streaks from his job, fully-grown beard, wears aviator sunglasses whenever he's outside, usually wears a blue flannel button-up shirt (unbuttoned) over a novelty t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. As for accessories, he wears a necklace, with a metal square on the end, with an aegishjalmur-symbol etched into it

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 178 lbs.

Hobbies: gaming, traveling, hiking outdoors, watching youtube videos, flying his hovercraft(which is modeled to look like a fantasy-looking airship ^^)

Family: a 7-year-old daughter, named River, and a wife named Blah(Idk what I want my fuckin' wife's name to be, I could care less. so Blah is a placeholder name). River has long brunette hair, and is incredibly cute. She usually wears baseball t-shirts, and small khaki shorts. Blah is a redhead, idc how she dresses. Use your imagination. But be nice with it.

Movies created&directed:
-Massetiah: Order of Midnight - set in a large, exciting, colorful, and diverse new world called Massetiah, Airship "Zephyr" navigator Gerard Vale helps his Captain, Scarlet Arres, fly halfway across the world to find the son of the wealthiest family in Carricus, the global hub for all airship commerce. They soar over a sprawling, brilliant landscape, and meet many different races and creatures along the way.
-Massetiah: The Great Advance - the coming of a completely new season, also spells the end for freedom in the world, as the Queen of Royalis dies, her deranged son taking up the Crown, and raising the largest army of airships and soldiers ever seen to unite the world's countries and cultures by force. Caught in the middle of this debacle is Gerard Vale, now captaining the airship Zephyr.
-Massetiah: The Child of the Sun - The light is fading from Massetiah, and only the crew of the Zephyr seem to know what to do. It seems as fate is navigating the ship now, as Gerard ferries a stowaway child to the mythical Ethos Islands, a collection of floating islands somewhere in the sky, in order to serve as the avatar for the Goddess of light and life, The Lady Aetria. All is not fair in the winds, though, as an old evil is secretly creeping back into the world, with new power.
- Murderers - set in New York City, year 2025, a string of assassinations is under investigation, and many culprits of the same description are found at the scene, dead. Delving into it, an FBI Agent stumbles into a massive conspiracy plot concerning an underground Assassination Service, that sends out clones of one comatose man, specially designed to die after completing their task.
-Archmage - set in a fantasy kingdom, a young wizard-in-training is expelled from a Mage's Institute and blah blah blah, you all remember the archmage story. it's basically that. ... But better.

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Re: IRL Story.

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