LINO Race Compendium(Might as well do this now and get it out of the way)

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LINO Race Compendium(Might as well do this now and get it out of the way)

Post by Arcus on Wed May 22, 2013 10:05 am

Anyone can add whatever race they want here and explain history and origins and things like that so long as the rest of us approve of it. I'll start with my race, the beastmen.


The beastmen originated from experiments done on humans by humans under secret governmental research about two hundred years prior to the story. The experiment was to develop some kind of product that would make humans live longer, grow stronger, faster, and smarter than all the other races, because all humans are sacks of shit no matter where you put them. Instead of scientifically advancing the human race through this genetic research, the scientists instead created something that would be come an entirely new race. By combining a a female volunteer with the DNA of a cow, the scientist created Bethany, the world's first beastman. Baffled by the bizarre transformation of the formerly modestly endowed human woman who then became astoundingly well-endowed and grew small horns out of the sides of her head and her ears mutated into a cow's ears, the scientists decided to run a series of test on Bethany and the tests showed that although she had human levels of competence and more or less the anatomical structure of one, Bethany behaved much like a wild cow. Later in the experiment, Bethany was impregnated with the DNA of a bear and nine months of gestation passed and she gave birth to Thomas, the wild's first bear beastman. The scientists were completely flabbergasted that Bethany didn't give birth to a bear cub, but instead a bear human cub and also found something intriguing about Bethany. Since having Thomas, the scientists found that she could be milked just like domestic cattle.

After Bethany had died, the researchers continued experimenting with humans and animals through her and she was able to give birth to a fox, a domestic cat, a wolf, a domestic dog and a bull before she died. All of these were humanoid animals and behaved just like their animal counterparts. Curious, the scientists created opposite-sexed counterparts for all of them and they all bred just like their animal counterparts and cared for the offspring much like humans. Years of experimenting later, all of the research was considered finalized and the human governments all exposed the new animals. Labeling them "man beasts", they designated these new humanoids as veritable slaves and frequently held auctions for these creatures and there they were used as slaves. About fifty years later, the "man beasts" revolted and demanded their freedom. After nearly killing a government leader, the resistances got their rewards and "man beast" slavery was abolished in the human settlements. The newly freed "beastmen" as they called themselves with great pride, went out and formed Questia, the first beastman nation. the rest, is history.


Beastmen, due to being part human, have cultures rather similar to humans. As slaves, they once followed religions until the slave revolt happened and Questia was formed. When Questia was first founded, the beastmen leaders of the new nation decided they'd be better off stripping themselves of any human possessions, and this included practices of religion and for the most part, clothing. With such, most beastmen live in small villages and wear pelts and sometimes plate or leather armor and never wear proper wool or cotton clothing despite being about as civil as humans are. As they are half animal, whenever they kill an animal that is their counterpart, they consider it murder to their own kind and in order to overcome that obstacle, they strip the hides of the animals they have killed and bury them like deceased humans and write letters to their village mayors or any official in their settlements begging for pardons. As for metallurgy, it is a practice that they essentially still borrowed from humans along with government styles and the likes.


The presently known species are as follows:











Each species has its own unique behaviors aside from acting like humans and each species are treated as equals among the beastman race so as to bring racial harmony among them as they were only united as a race for so long in history. Each species is identified by their ears and tails and like humans, their skin and hair pigments vary as much as humans as do their ears and tails as they share the same pigmentation of their hair. Although for tigers, they are more commonly orange to red-haired and bears are more commonly brown or black haired.


Questia: It is the largest country with the largest population. it is ruled by a democratic system.

Heloron: It is the second largest country and is the trade capital of the beastmen, being situated where resources are abundant and was once a Questian colony until Moria petitioned the mother country for independence and won it fairly about three years ago.

Koriaes: It is the second country to be form by the beastman and hold the largest population of cats of the beastmen. It is run under a constitutional monarchy with a government elected by the king.

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