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Information Reference for Skyre

Post by Proxzki on Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:10 am

If we're using it. I will be posting misc mods I use here as well like dragon mod details and all. Skyre is an overhaul of Skyrim to make combat more tactical. If you approach a fight intelligently, it might be easier than vanilla Skyrim. However being outnumbered and taking damage in that fashion will kill you much faster than it would in Vanilla Skyrim Master difficulty. Clearly the overhaul favors a tanky ranged setup that likes their sneak.(which is why I have a couple other mods to offset that) The mod also makes it so there are larger trade-offs for any gains you achieve from a perk and standing stone perspective.

So here's what you need to know:

(it's a pdf. for reading if you want more comprehensive knowledge on perks and the capacities the player character has. Like making Dwarven robots fight for him.)

Basics/Essential Knowledge:

The Warrior/Thief/Mage Stones are unchanged, I believe. 20% boosted XP gain for related skills. Marksmanship falls under the Thief stone, btw.
The Lover Stone gives and receives 50% more damage.
The Atronach I believe was nerfed to have only 5% magicka regen instead of 50. The rest of the stats are the same.
The Lady was buffed imo. Users of that stone regen mana half as fast, but instead of 25% health and stamina regen they have 50% faster regen in those areas.



Racial abilities:
 Imperial Charisma: 25% better buying and selling prices
 Tactician: Whenever successfully blocking an attack, you drain the attacker’s stamina by
 Attack Order: Followers deal 25% more spell and weapon damage, but also suffer 25%
more spell and weapon damage. They move and attack 25% faster.
 Guard Order: Followers deal 25% less spell and weapon damage and take 50% less damage
from spells and weapons


Racial abilities: (Nords also have 50% frost resistance)
 Warrior Heart: As your health decreases, your weapon damage grows.
 Last Stand: When activated, you take no damage and regenerate no health for seven
seconds. Once it runs out, you lose all your stamina. (have to rest before using again)


Racial abilities:
 Night Eye: Toggleable night vision
 Feline Athletics: Khajiit move 20% faster than other races, take only half falling damage,
and jump 50% higher.
 Survival instinct: Once per day, if your health drops below 25%, your movement and
attack speed increase by 25% for 30 seconds.
 Claws: Unarmed attacks gain bonus damage. It starts at 10 with 100 stamina, and grows
by 1 for each ten points of stamina you have. Maxes out at a bonus of 30.

Dark Elves:

 Dunmer Heritage: 50% fire resistance
 Ancestor’s Wrath [NOT PLAYER/Enemies Only(although Sarge might wanna use this)]: Flame cloak triggers automatically, once they get hit
and drop below 50% health, and is not limited to one use per day. In addition to the flame
cloak spell, it also adds 25% additional strength to fire-based spells. The flame cloak effect
starts at a damage of 5 per second, but grows by 3 every 10 levels, up to a maximum of 17
(before bonuses are calculated in, including it’s own).
 Ancestor’s Wrath [PLAYER]: The same as above, but no flame cloak is cast; instead, you
get a 15% chance to ignore incoming melee attacks.
 Ancestor’s Fury: Once per day, if your health drops below 30%, you trigger a huge explosion
and two angry Dunmer ancestors arrive to aid you. They are leveled and use strong

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Re: Information Reference for Skyre

Post by Proxzki on Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:30 am

So, a list of my mods and what they do.

SkyRE(described above) Also adds some balanced game items and new enchantments that synergize with the mod.
DUEL - Makes enemies coordinate with each other. Flanks. Arrows stagger/stun you, but give you time to move before the next arrows lands.
ASIS - Increases number of enemies. Makes them drink potions. Gives them all access to perks instead of just bosses.

Dragon Combat Overhaul randomizes when Dragons get grounded. Usually lower than the 35% health marker. I suppose it buffs their damage n stuff too.

Deadly Dragons adds new species of dragons, allows you to customize how much tougher they are, but doesn't allow you to nerf them. As many as 3 dragons can attack at once, and sometimes in quick succession to have as many as 6 dragons attacking the same general area. But normally it's just one. The amount that spawn in groups can be configured.

JaySuS Swords at a bunch of stuff.
Immersive Armors and Weapons adds more stuff.
Omegaredd Armors adds more nice armors inspired by other series like Game of Thrones.
ARMONIZER adds more armors.

Immersive Creatures adds more creatures and makes some monsters spawn at certain times of day instead of at anytime.

Moonlight Tales makes the Ring of Hircine more useful and not required to wear to get its benefits when you have completed the quest. Changes wolf sounds, makes werewolf transformations coincide with the phases of the moon, and adds Werebears and makes them playable.

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