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Moon signup thread

Post by Zephyr on Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:26 pm

this is a story of my creation. I'll be making every part of it, except for your characters.

the setting is a small town called Sierra on the coast of the Pacific in California, September 2003.

The story is about a young boy called Lucas, (whom I'll be playing) representing "moon" in the story, the archetype of mystery and magic.

There are three other characters, representing "earth", "sun", and "sky" respectively.

"earth" is the archetype of reliance and strength.

"sun" is the archetype of energy and light.

"sky" is the archetype of peace and freedom.

each of you can choose one of these characters, and their personalities MUST reflect their archetype. This is vital; everything else about the character is entirely up to you, except for this.

since this isn't a traditional story, I'll just need a short blurb containing what your character usually wears, what they look like, their gender, and their personality(expanding upon the archetypes, of course). Finally in the blurb, add a small look into their backgrounds. Additionally, your characters should be around the same age as Lucas, who is 12.

Lucas Brindley, age 12. Short, wavy jet-black hair, kind of pale, usually wears baggy hoodies and cargo shorts, and black flip-flops. He's kind of an intense child, always serious and matter-of-fact. Joking or smiling only rarely, he usually enjoys taking walks, sitting on the overlook of the bay behind the town and looking at the ocean. One that looks at him would say that he's always thinking-not calculating, or figuring, no. It's more like he's always wondering about something, looking a thousand miles away when not being directly addressed. He's been this way ever since his mother died.

Remember: this isn't about "bellehs" or "ponytails" or cosmetic stuff like that. Your character shouldn't be defined by his/her appearance. This is a serious, realistic, artful story. Also, this is kind-of real life, so don't load your characters down with claymores or katanas or bazookas or something. They shouldn't have weapons.

The plot will be explained and developed in the story, but it will be firstly about the characters being friends and hanging out around town. There's school, but we'll rarely get into that, because boring. I'll set the tone and then get into the plot once this is well introduced.

Any questions?

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