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Silverstar 2

Post by Arcus on 10/5/2013, 2:24 pm

A story that's been weighing on my mind for a while and I need to get it off my chest.

The story's official title would be Silverstar Grand. Making it Silverstar 2 is just really generic and the story wasn't supposed to be generic at all as it used a Lore universe planet called Westion as its turf and the grand city of Silverstar as its main setting. The Grand part of the title is where the story takes place. it takes place about two or three years after the events of the first story which were sadly left unfinished. What happened was that they defeated the man with the clawed hand and then the new threat revealed itself and unleashed an army of artificial cosmic weapons made to look like women and then they were defeated, but most of Silverstar was destroyed in the fray. Most of the hero girls left, and few stayed. Ergo built a spaceship and left for Lore. Miya left for a different city and Eve stayed and now runs a casino. The city rebuilt itself over the 3 year span and even expanded greatly after people heard about what happened, which surprised the mayor of the city that was never mentioned in the story at all. Saria, the main character is still the town's sheriff and since the incident now known around the town as "The war for Silverstar", she and her comrades became quite famous and equally feared with their cosmic weapons, so the girls all threw their cosmic weapons away by sending them into space on a rocket toward Solaris. As for this new story, it's up to you guys if you wanna do more with the grand ol' Westion city of Silverstar.

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