Spirata Revamped

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Spirata Revamped

Post by Zephyr on 4/6/2016, 2:00 pm

my concept of spirata in my head evolved recently, and here's what this world is now.

Spirata is a shattered world. The core was destroyed back in ancient times when the gods and the dragons did battle with the eldrich cosmic entities that invaded the world. (This battle will be depicted in the story, don't worry) Long story short, the gods drove off the entities at the cost of destroying both the core, and themselves. The remnants of the world would have floated off into space if not for the dragons, who used their magic to hold them together, although the cataclysm did result in many floating islands. Additionally, the cataclysm brought forth the arcdrifts, massive stormclouds of energy that drift between the continents, and are said to be the source of all mortal magic(Magic that can be understood and used by mortal beings, unlike divine magic which belongs only to the gods and the dragons.) in the world. The dragons now preside over the humans and elves, protecting them from the harsh wilderness in sprawling, walled cities, leaving the other mortal races to their own devices. The elves, and many other races can use mortal magic as an innate ability, while humans completely lack this ability. But they discovered runic magic, which uses special symbols to draw power from the arcdrifts for specific uses, depending on the symbol. Some symbols bring forth torrents of fire and other elements for destruction, while others may generate waves that promote healing, or even produce thrust and lift. These runes are most commonly used in airships and ferries, transporting goods and people across the continental gaps. All the runes require a special fuel to activate the magic, however. An arcdrift crystal(or arcrystal, as it is commonly referred to) is a special crystal found in deposits near arcdrift clouds. The airships are activated by using the crystal like you would car keys. These runes can also be used in magical weapons, too. A common magical weapon is the Rune Sword, which is a sword with a plate situated on the crossguard on which is inscribed a rune. On the hilt is a button, when pressed pushes the crystal inside to activate the rune, sending a blast of whatever magical energy the rune uses down the length of the blade, and at the enemy. These are but a few examples of the ingenuity of humans when working with runic magic. The elves have no such skill in technology, however, as they have little reason to develop them. The humans had to make up for their lack of inherent magic.

The ecology of Spirata is still the same, featuring all the animals of Earth, plus the mythological ones.

Any other ideas or questions you guys have?

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