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Horde RP

Post by Darth Wiggles on 7/5/2018, 3:43 pm

In the world of virtual reality, there's the game known as (placeholder), where players must work together, using weapons from all around, to survive against near-endless waves of enemies to reach the final wave and beat all-time high score, the first team to do so would receive $5 million and go down in history as the best players. So far, no one has reached that goal, until now

Things to know:
After every 10 waves, players receive 10 minutes to change their class and loadouts if possible, and deal with irl problems if needed. New players unlock advanced classes after wave 20
Enemies change factions after every 10 waves, the 10th being a boss wave; a new map afterwards
- By the 35th wave, a second faction appears alongside the faction already fighting, eventually getting to where all factions appear
While staying mobile can be a viable strategy, it is recommended to hunker down in a defensible position
- Most maps have what is known as a fortification post, where players can create defenses not available normally, able to create barriers that can slow or halt enemies, sentry turrets for support fire, turrets for extra firepower, the ability to call in fire support, and even summon friendly NPCs to help out. Fortification posts are transferred to the next compatible map
Enemy weapons can be collected, as well as various weapons scattered around the map, and are added to the player's armory to be selected during the pause between waves for a permanent loadout
Ammo boxes are scattered around the map
Three to five new weapons are unlocked every 5 waves; while random, the better gear has a higher chance of being unlocked at higher waves
Players who take too much damage are downed for 30 seconds, during which they can be "rescued" by teammate so they can keep fighting, or killed by an enemy. However, some enemies kill players instead of down them
Killed players are out until the next wave, but can still communicate with teammates, acting as an extra set of eyes
Killed players lose whatever weapons they were previously holding and spawn with their assigned loadout

Basic Classes (for new players)
- Assault Rifle
- Shotgun
- Grenades x2

- Rifle
- Grenade x1

- Pistol
- Grenade x1

Advanced Classes (for pro-players)
Lots of weapons, mid-defense, mid-speed, good all-rounder
- Assault Rifle
- Shotgun
- Rifle
- Pistol/SMG
- Grenades x2
- Grenades2 x2

Defense Master
Can deploy drones, set up turrets, lay mines, and create barriers to redirect enemies and protect allies
- Shotgun
- Pistol
- Drone
- Defense Item (Turret/mines/barrier generator)
- Defense Item 2 (Turret/mines/barrier generator)
- Grenades x2

- Sniper Rifle
- Grenades x2

Big guns, high defense, low speed, great for holding the line
- Heavy Weapon
- Shotgun
- Grenades x3

Heals allies, buff allies (increase damage, increase defense, increase health, etc), can debuff enemies (slow, DOT effect, weaken attack & defense, etc), can revive killed allies, set up barriers, etc
- Pistol/SMG
- Type of Healing Item (stronger but heals one ally at a time, weaker but has AOE around player)
- Ally Buff Item 1
- Ally Buff Item 2
- Enemy Debuff (list type)/Ally Revive/Other
- Enemy Debuff/Ally Revive/Other
- Grenades x2

Enemy List
Xenomorph (Aliens, AvP)
Cabal (Destiny)
Fallen & Splicers (Destiny)
Hive (Destiny)
Vex (Destiny)
Taken (Destiny)
Covenant (Halo)
Flood (Halo)
Forerunner (Halo)
Cerberus (Mass Effect)
Reapers & Collectors (Mass Effect)
Geth (Mass Effect)
Blue Suns, Eclipse, Blood Pack (Mass Effect)
t-Virus Zombies (Resident Evil)
Las Plagas (Resident Evil)
C-Virus mutants (Resident Evil)
Necromorphs (Dead Space)
Zerg (Starcraft)
Locust (Gears of War)
Lambent (Gears of War)
The Swarm (Gears of War)
DeeBees (Gears of War)
Space Pirates (Metroid)
Ing (Metroid)
Combine (Half Life)
Super Mutants (Fallout)
Enclave (Fallout)
Raiders (Fallout)
Demons (Doom)

Starting Weapons (for new players)
Assault Rifles:
- MA5C Assault Rifle (Halo)
- M-8 Avenger (Mass Effect)
- Lancer Assault Rifle (Gears of War)
- SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle (Dead Space)

- BR55 Battle Rifle (Halo)
- M-15 Vindicator (Mass Effect)
- Hammerburst II (Gears of War)
- IM-822 Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun (Dead Space)

- Covenant Plasma Pistol (H)
- M3 Predator (ME)
- MX8 Snub Pistol (Gears)
- Plasma Cutter (DS)

- Brute Spiker (H)
- M4 Shuriken (ME)
- SMG (DS)

Bio (To be added later)
Avatar Name:
Avatar Appearance:
Avatar Class:

If you guys have anything to suggest (classes, enemy factions, game rules, etc), list them

All but one character (mine) are just starting the game; my character, who has been able to unlock the advanced classes, will seek to guide the new players and work to ensure their survival
Be sure to update your characters after every tenth wave, preferably in the story
Whenever new weapons are unlocked, send a link

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Re: Horde RP

Post by Darth Wiggles on 7/6/2018, 3:17 pm

Name: Andrew
Avatar Name: GodzillaMaster
Avatar Appearance: Blonde woman in full MJOLNIR armor, aqua with gold trim
Avatar Class: Soldier
- M-7 Lancer (Incendiary, Cryo, Disruptor, Shredder & Armor-Piercing unlocked)
- M90 Shotgun
- Needle Rifle
- M6D Magnum
- Plasma Grenade x2
- Fragmentation Grenade (Gears) x2
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