"Victus Mortuus"

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"Victus Mortuus"

Post by NeonKnightmare on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:04 pm

During the times of chivalry and magic. A great magi, obsessed with the dead, made a branch of magic that could bring back and control the dead. He then became the first Necromancer of the world. Because of this, he was publicly respected, but in truth, he was hated. The Churches despised him. Under his teachings Necromancy grew, still nobody dared to stop it. Those who learn necromancy would find their body in decay. One who knows slight necromancy, would find there arm filled with rotten flesh. Ones who master it, would practically be the living dead, having eternal life. Not long after, Necromancers started to use the art for despicable deeds. Because of human nature, the use of evil overwhelmed the good. Because of this, Necromancy was looked down upon by most, soon hated and despised.

Eventually, a group was formed, it's purpose; was to kill the necromancer who started the art, and one day, it came to be. The necromancer who started the art was heavily wounded, due to an assassination attempt. In his dieing breath, he cast a spell, that even he despised. He did it out of anger. Releasing a new type of disease. This, turned people into the living dead, mindless zombies living on instinct. The spread didn't last long, but half, if not the majority were infected. Since then, infections only spread through blood.

Because of this, people started to practice ways to counter act the infection, trying to cure it. Through this, a new branch of magic was made. The people who practice it were simply called "Clerics". Because of it's difficult path, they are uncommon, and can only cure those who are not deep in the infection.

Many years has past, and people have adapted to the fact of zombies. Treating them as common threats, rather than an altering abomination. Most of not all necromancers were hunted down, causing them to live away from cities. The cities, being the only controlled and safe places there is. The forests, roads and planes were difficult to cross, but not impossible. New organizations were made, mercenaries, specialized military branches and even transportation services.

The Sanctus Ferrum was the army that was designated to eradicate all the zombies and even necromancers. It trained many soldiers, even clerics. Even the Sanctus Ferrum had divisions, some put on the most elite groups, others put as just regular infantry.

This is where the story begins, when humans have already reached the peak of their adaptations.


Specialization[Swordsmanship, magic, archery etc...]:

Here's mine.

Name: Rhan Jun Shanghai
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Knife, Several Other Tools
Specialization: Sorcery, Martial Arts, Knife Proficiency
Race: Human
Bio: A somewhat young and skilled practitioner & expert of the arts of sorcery, mostly of the forsaken kind such as infernal or rather 'devil magic'. Formerly affiliated with one of the branches of magic. He currently lives in a rather remote place of the region. His patron devil & god, Lilith and Angra Mainyu, both having been titled "Source All of Mankind's Evil", "All the Evil In the World", and etc. Unlike most magi, he is also skilled in the ways of close quarters combat and knows a great deal of things such as chi and how to manipulate and handle it. He seems to have come from eastern lands according to his ways of dress, and is easily distinguished out of a crowd due to it, his height, and abnormally long red hair.
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