"Welcome to the circus"

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"Welcome to the circus"

Post by NeonKnightmare on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:06 pm

A flier directed you, and several other townsfolk here...

The fact that you are now in the middle of nowhere is the first clue you get that this is not your regular circus. Something is very wrong here. Yet curiosity leads you to continue, to let yourself be led into the musty smelling tent, as a creeping sense of dread enters your soul. A harsh, guttural voice whispers to the crowd, and it feels like it whispered right into your ear; you almost feel the hot breathing on your neck.

"Welcome to the circus"....

A spotlight falls onto a beautiful woman with stitches on her arms, and a top hat, which means she must be the ringleader. She smiles at the crowd, like a bird observes its prey.
"You sure are in for a show tonight,"
Then she laughs, a loud chilling laugh that continues too long to be considered normal.
You start to realize you made a mistake coming here. You try to leave quietly when you notice two people guarding the doorway, axes in their hands. Why has no-one else noticed?

"Oh no, the show has only begun, come, I need a vounteer..."
She points at you, and you stop dead in your tracks.
"You. You will be my victim....ahem, vounteer tonight."
You are forced on stage, the people with axes threatening from behind, and the woman leans close, and with a sadistic smile, begins the fun.

"Once you are chosen, you can never leave."

his circus is not what it appears to be. It is actually the playground of the Scientist, Violet. She started with asylum people but then created a circus to continue her experiments in secret. All the members of her circus are her laboratory rats, she experiments with them and tortures them. Every once in a while she will lose a member because she goes too far, so she will then get a member of the audience to come and be her new toy. Violet is also a master at hypnotism and has everyone in the palm of her hand.
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