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±Cursed Dreams±

Post by NeonKnightmare on Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:28 am

Ever wondered what it would be like if our Dreams were the real world, and the world we live in now was just a dream? This roleplay has a complex world in which the world we live in now is called the Living Dream, and our dreams are the Dream World.

In this society, there are Dreamers and Warpers. Dreamers are those who have forgotten that their dreams are reality and they have chosen to make their true lives in the living dream. Warpers are people who know that the Dream World is the real world, and they know how to seperate that from the Living Dream. It is a Warper's job to ensure that Dreamers do not try to live in both worlds, because if one tried to live in both worlds, that would cause the destruction of the universe.

More and more dreamers are attempting to mold the two worlds into one, so that they do not have to cross between worlds every day and night. These dreamers are tainting both the Living Dream and the Dream World, bringing in creatures from the Dream World that should never be seen in the Living Dream. These creatures are called Daemons, the most foul monsters to ever come into existence. These dreamers are called Daemon Dreamers, and they have started a war with the Warpers. Now not only do Warpers have to control the balance, but now they must wage war against the Daemons and their masters, the Dreamers.
1-Zombie taco! XD
2-Romance is fine, but PLEASE don't make it the main focus of the roleplay.
3-Cussing is fine, but don't drop the f-bomb every two words. That's just a pain.
4-No godmodding or cybering.
5-Please put 'Dreams are a Reality' under your skeleton
6-Fill out this skeleton please :)
Name:(Last names are not required)
Age:(No less than 16)
Species:(You can be anything Very Happy)
Side:(Are you a Warper or a Daemon Dreamer?)
Personality:(Choose three words that describe your character)
Pet:(Optional, this can be anything from a pet dog to a pet dragon =D)

Name: Soren Maverick
Personality: Brave, sarcastic, ruthless
Pet: Black wolf named Fenrik
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