Arantir- The Exploration of New Victoria

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Arantir- The Exploration of New Victoria

Post by NeonKnightmare on Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:42 am

In the kingdom of New Victoia, the tips of the civilized world and the depths of the forsaken were far apart and rarely ever touched. Cities made of magnificent stone and towering walls seemed to make the far away villages in the woodlands and the mountains shrivel patheticly in size and stature. Through they didn't have the massive defenses and small armies, most of the terrain and settlements were never properly maped and explored, leaving much about the area and its people unknown.

Arantir is only 15 years of age living in one of these small settlements called Fides, deep in the woods as a member of the current ruling family. His uncle was the leader of the small establishment and was well liked through out the population for his courage and powerful influence. Unfortunately, this would end very soon.

One afternoon, as the sun was beginning to set behind the trees, a demonic creature rampaged through the village entrance. Tearing down the small barricades near the gate, it set behind it nothing but a path of destruction. Arantirs uncle along with the small guard force and some villagers took arms against the beast, attempting to destroy the threat. None were successful.

That was two years ago. Arantir ruled and amended the damage as best he could over for that short amount of time. His childhood friend Xana, who had her parents killed in the same instance, accompanies Arantir in his quest to search for the source of an evil energy that has been darkening the sky with clouds shrouded in black.

However, these changes in the enviorment were more of a threat then first anticipated. As more clouds drew in, Xana noticed her magical power was slowly but surely, beginning to fade. Strung around her neck with a silver chain, was a garnet amulet set in a ring of peridot crystals. This small trinket never left her possession, for it enhanced her magical abilities. With her powers fading, soon this small necklace was the only thing holding the last bit of her power back.

The two would not be going alone however. First few days into the trip, the two run into an old childhood friend that Arantir and Xana have both known as far back as they can recall. She as well, spent his childhood in the settlement of Fides, but left as a young adult to live on her own. She spent her days living the life of a thief, robbing travelers and homes of families just to survive. Abandoning the life of crime in which he had thrived on for years, she joins the group desperate to find a place she come call home.

This is where our story begins. With just under two weeks of travel left until they reach the city of Stone March, where they intend to consult the mages at Magecraft Spire about the troubling signs, more will join the group and more will tear the group apart. What will set these things into motion, only time will tell.

Character sheet

Anything with * is REQUIRED!

*Character Name-



*Weapon (List entire weapon set)-




*Mini Bio-

Any Special Features-


*Character Name-Arantir
*Weapon (List entire weapon set)- Main weapon a bow with a couple dozen arrows ready in a quiver at any given time. Also skilled and armed with two twin daggers at either side of his belt, complemented by an array of throwing knives across his waist. New to the set and not entirely train in the art, he carries a longsword at his left hip. Does not prefer to use it often.
*Personality-Usually calm and doesn't resort to violence easily. Loyal to his friends and would die for a cause, Arantir is dedicated and sensitive. Sometimes however, his feelings may get the better of him.
*Mini Bio-Born and raised in a small settlement deep in the forests, Arantir was brought up in a more then comfortable home and had an easy life for the most part. His mother died giving birth and his father abandoned his family when he found his wife was pregnant. Taken in by his uncle, the leader of the settlement, he picked up the art of archery and stealth as a way of combat. At the age of 15 however, all that changed. Arantirs uncle was killed and the seat of power left to him. for the next two years, he struggled to keep friendly relations with near by villages and keep his people safe. His teacher and trusted advisor, Saladin, was more then happy to temporarily take over leadership while Arantir is off on his journey.
Any Special Features-A tattoo on his upper back of a tribal design, eluding to the shape of an arrow in the center. Also a ring on his right hand with two dimonds on either side of a dark burning amber colored stone. Arantirs uncle left this for him when he died. Dirty blonde ruffled hair and hazel eyes.
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